Workshop: “Gender, Methodology and the Ancient Near East”

Host: Centre of Excellence in “Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions”, University of Helsinki

Organisers: Saana Svärd (University of Helsinki) & Agnès
Garcia-Ventura (“Sapienza” Università di Roma)

Where:  University of Helsinki (Finland), Main building (Fabianinkatu 33)

When: October 27-28, 2014

Aim: To discuss different methodological approaches to gender within the framework of ancient Near Eastern studies (including archaeology, art history and text studies) and enable a fruitful dialogue between these approaches.

Registration: Registration to attend is now open (there is no
conference fee). To register please send an email before September
15, 2014 to Saana Svärd and/or Agnès Garcia-Ventura

Keynotes: The five keynote speakers and their titles are (in
alphabetical order):

Ann Guinan (Babylonian Section, University of PA. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)  “Is There a Sexology in Mesopotamian Literature? Ancient Genre and Modern Theory”

Stephanie Langin-Hooper (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas) “Gendered Ambiguities, Gendered Sexualities, and Gendered Experiments: Performance and Negotiation through Hellenistic Babylonian Figurines”

Marie Louise Stig Sørensen (University of Cambridge) “Gender Methodology or Engendering Methodologies”

Ilona Zsolnay (University of Pennsylvania) “Are We Just Mucking About? Perils, Pitfalls, and Progressions in the Application of the Theoretical Concept of Hegemonic Masculinity”

Niek Veldhuis (University of California, Berkeley)  “Gender Studies and Assyriology: Expectations of an Outsider”

Further inquiries should be directed to Saana Svärd
and/or Agnès Garcia-Ventura.

The full program of the workshop and the abstracts (both in pdf-format) are now available online.

[Update] Some of the workshop presentations were recorded and can be viewed through the links below. Below you will also find the PowerPoints (in pdf-format) for the presentation of Prof. Langin-Hooper (an abbreviated version) and Prof. Pinnock.

Links to the videos (in alphabetical order):

Beth Alpert Nakhai
“Reconstructing Women’s Lives in Iron Age Israel: The Complex Interplay between Text and Archaeology”

Stephanie L. Budin
“Gender in the Tale of Aqhat

Agnès Garcia-Ventura
“Engendering Assyriology in the 21st Century”


Ann Guinan
“Is There a Sexology in Mesopotamian Literature? Ancient Genre and Modern Theory”


Vanessa Juloux
“Inventory of Lexemes of Action Verbs, a new Methodology of Gender Studies Research”


Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper
“Gendered Ambiguities, Gendered Sexualities, and Gendered Experiments. Performance and Negotiation through 
Hellenistic Babylonian Figurines”


Martti Nissinen & Saana Svärd
“Constructing the Image of assinnu


Frances Pinnock
“Building up a History of Art of the Ancient Near East. The Case of Ebla and the Third Millennium BC Court Ladies”


Marie Louise Stig Sørensen
“Gender Methodology or Engendering Methodologies”


Niek Veldhuis
“Gender Studies and Assyriology Expectations of an Outsider”



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