Summer Symposium on the Construction of Identity in the Ancient Near East (Helsinki, 24-25 Aug)

Host: Project “Construction of gender in Mesopotamia from 934 to 330 BCE”, University of Helsinki
Organizers: Saana Svärd (Phd) & Joanna Töyräänvuori (Thd)
Venue: University Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33), Room 5 (”Sali 5” in Finnish)

Thursday August 24th 2017

9.00-10.30: panel 1
9.00-9.15: Töyräänvuori & Svärd: Welcome and introduction
9.15-10.00: Keynote: Brigitte Lion, “Questions of Identity in Nuzi: Another Look at Tulpun-naya’s Archive”
10.00-10.30: Laura Cousin, “Onomastics and Personality Traits in Babylonian Sources”

10.30-11.00: coffee break

11.00-12.00: panel 2
11.00-11.30: Gioele Zisa, “Reconstructing an Ideal Male Gender Identity from the Mesopotamian Therapeutic Texts”
11.30-12.00: Omar N’Shea, “Fatherhood, disabled bodies, and masculinities: What does the Neo-Assyrian archive have to say about the construction of intersectional identities?”

12.00-12.15 Group Photo

12.15-14.00: lunch break

14.00-15.00: panel 3
14.00-14.30: Rosanne Liebermann, “The Apparel Oft Proclaims the Man (or Woman): Clothing and Identity in the Book of Ezekiel”
14.30-15.00: Kristin Joachimsen, “Jezebel as the ‘Ultimate Other’: Postcolonial and Intersectional Perspectives on a Foreign Woman, Loyal Baal-Worshipper and Powerful Queen in 1 and 2 Kings”

15.00-15.30: coffee
Visit to Suomenlinna and symposium dinner

Friday August 25th 2017

9.30-10.45: panel 5
9.30-10.15: Keynote: Niels Peter Lemche, “Too good to be true? The Creation of the People of Israel”
10.15-10.45: Eleftheria Pappa, “Harnessing Identities through a Feedback Loop: the Impact of Maritime Colonial Networks on 1st Millennium BCE Levantine Identities”

10.45-11.15: coffee break

11.15-12.15: panel 6
11.15-11.45: Gina Konstantopoulos, “My Men have Become Women, and My Women Men: Gender, Identity, and Cursing in Mesopotamia”
11.45-12.15: Johannes Bach, “Stylizing the literary appearance of Sargonid Kings by alluding to the Epic of Gilgamesh”

12.15-14.00: lunch break

14.00-15.00: panel 7
14.00-14.30: Baptiste Fiette, “Kudur-mabuk, at the junction of Larsa, Emutbal and Elam”
14.30-15.00: Joanna Töyräänvuori, “Political/National Identities in the Ancient World as ’Convenient Historical Fictions’”

15.00-15.30: coffee break

15.30-17.00: panel 8
15.30-16.00: Shana Zaia, “Cosmic Order: Identity, Stratification and the Gods”
16.00-16.30: Mathilde Touillon-Ricci, “Between the lines: individuality and identity in cuneiform through the lens of artefactual and scribal variations”

16.30-17.00: Closing remarks and discussion