EEB seminar 18th Sep, Per Lundberg “From individuals to phylogenies”

18th September, 3pm,

the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology wednesday seminar series kicks off with:

Prof. Per Lundberg, University of Lund, Sweden:

“From individuals to phylogenies”

I will present an eco-evolutionary model based on individual fitness functions from which adaptive radiations and entire phylogenies can be derived. I will demonstrate under what ecological conditions niche conservatism is expected and how that affects the phylogenetic signal in metacommunities emerging from a single lineage. This co-evolutionary theory recovers a number of empirical patterns relating to species coexistence, niche partitioning, sister species distributions, and the biogeography of adaptive radiations.

more on his research:

Place: Biocenter 3, room 2402 (Telkänpönttö)
Coffee at 14:45, talk at 15:15

PS: also mark in your calendars the upcoming seminars in the near future (a full program of the EEB seminar will be posted soon):

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2.10. 16:00 Jason Tylianakis, University of Canterbury, NZ, Global change and ecosystem functioning: the interplay of biodiversity, environmental context and species interactions. Host: Tomas Roslin

Thursday 3.10. Neil Metcalfe, University of Glasgow, “The origins and ecological consequences of variation in aggression and metabolic rate in fish” Host: Heikki Hirvonen

Tuesday 8.10. Alexander Schmidt, University of Goettingen, “Microorganisms in amber and their use in understanding terrestrial palaeoecosystems”, Host: Jouko Rikkinen