Reminder and a CHANGE in schedule in Kurtén Club days, 30.9.-1.10.

Reminder: Lawrence Martin today, Monday.
Change in schedule: Scott Gilbert’s talk is at the usual club hours, 16.00, Tuesday.

Dear All,

this week, we will have two events:

On Monday, Lawrence Martin (Director of the Turkana Basin Institute) will give a public talk about,

Human evolution in the Turkana Basin, Kenya

Time & Loc.:
16.00, 30.9.2013, D101 Physicum, Kumpula

Before that, you will a chance to meet him and ask questions about TBI,

Time & Loc.:
14.00, 30.9.2013, C108 Physicum, Kumpula

On Tuesday, we will have the first part of Scott Gilbert & Jukka Jernvall back-to-back talks, where Scott Gilbert will talk about

What paleontologists should know about developmental biology

NOTICE that we will start 16.00 on Tuesday.

Time & Loc.:
16.00, 1.10.2013, C108 Physicum, Kumpula