New Romanian Cretaceous vertebrate site

An article about Romanian locations and Hateg Island

Mátyás Vremir, Ramona Balc, Zoltán Csiki-Sava, Stephen L. Brusatte, Gareth
Dyke, Darren Naish & Mark A. Norell (2014) Petresti-Arini
Cretaceous Research 49: 13-38


•Romania boasts some of the most unusual, insular dinosaurs in the fossil record.
•A new site preserves a unique late Campanian–earliest Maastrichtian fossil record.
•Dinosaurs and pterosaurs from this site are the oldest from the Haţeg Island.
•The Haţeg Island fauna was becoming established by the late Campanian.
•The site may suggest the earliest Haţeg faunas were somewhat distinct from later ones.