Kurtén Club 5.5., special events

Dear All,

tomorrow, Juha Saarinen will give a talk about

Proboscidean mesowear applied.

Time & Loc.:
16.00, 5.5.2015, C108 Physicum, Kumpula

Interested in human evolution, development, phylogeny, or conservation? Please consider three quite exceptional events in the near future:

– May 6, 18:00. Yrjö Reenpää Lecture by legendary needs-no-introduction palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey, Kenya: “50 years of African origins as both researcher and observer”. University of Helsinki Great Hall (main building, Unioninkatu 34).

– May 7, 14:15. Legendary palaeoanthropologist Meave Leakey, Kenya: “Surprises from the Past”. First-hand account by the scientist who has been coordinating the research in the Kenyan Turkana Basin for the last several decades. Björn Kurtén Club, Physicum D101, Kumpula Campus.