Let’s try registration for club meetings

Hi All,
we had some discussion about ways to know how many people are coming to the club meetings (in other words find out if there are some days that almost no one comes). Let’s try this Finnish sports club application and see if this kind of registration is useful to the club. It is in Finnish, but after registration (your name or alias and email address: email is sent to you with a password (salasana) to get in) the crucial part is to click “in” (or “out” if you want) next to the upcoming events if you are attending. You can also leave a message, for example if you’re coming late etc.


Have a wonderful weekend and do not miss the next club meeting where we have Shan Huang presenting her talk ““Biodiversity dynamics in space and time: Deciphering the role of history”.

Yrittänyttä ei laiteta! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!