Three world class talks in Helsinki 4th September

4th SEPTEMBER, 2017, AT 14:00-16:30

Welcome to celebrate Fifty Years of Research into Human Origins in the Turkana Basin, Kenya. This is a unique opportunity to hear and speak to three of the world-leading pioneers of Turkana research speaking about their work.

Meave Leakey: Milestones in the story of us: how, when and why we came to be Thure Cerling: New approaches to understanding the environments of hominin evolution and early hominin diets Anna K. Behrensmeyer: The Ecological Theater of Human Evolution in Africa

Location: the House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, 00170 Helsinki, Room 104.

Organisers: The ECHOES Project, funded by the Academy of Finland, The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, the University of Helsinki Alumni Association