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Departmental seminar this week – Tang Hui

Dear all,

This Friday (5.12) the departmental seminar is given by Dr. Tang Hui from the Division of Geology. This will also be Hui’s farewell talk as he was appointed as a postdoc researcher to Oslo University and will move to Norway in the beginning of next year.


Tang Hui: MOUNTAIN UPLIFT AND THE ASIAN MONSOON: A NEW MODELING PERSPECTIVE – The uplift and growth of the Tibetan Plateau and the surrounding mountains have long been recognized as an important player for the Asian monsoon evolution in the geological periods. But how the Asian monsoon responds to these tectonic changes remains controversial. In the seminar, I will introduce some recent climate modeling studies on the effects of different regional mountains on the Asian monsoon system, and discuss how these modeled effects could be applied to the geological periods.

Friday, 5.12. at 14.15 in D104, Physicum, Kumpula campus

All are welcome