Diligent aristocracy. Nobility, service and work in Sweden, from the Great Northern War to the Napoleonic Wars
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The project focuses on elite history with a perspective on work and service, masculinity and femininity. It will analyse work and service undertaken by nobility both on everyday level and on ideological level.

Researcher: Johanna Ilmakunnas

Connections, associations and innovations: The case of sea fortress Sveaborg, its foundation, socio-economic impact and innovative role ca 1730–1809
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This project studies the militarization of the Swedish/Finnish civil society during the second half of the eighteenth century. The focus of the research is laid on the building and maintenance of Sveaborg (Viapori in Finnish, nowadays known as Suomenlinna) fortress, its economic, social, cultural and political impacts in the Baltic area.
Research group: Panu Pulma (leader), Sampsa Hatakka, Juha-Matti Granqvist, Mikko Huhtamies, Sofia Gustafsson

A Cooperative in Global Competition. Cooperative Forest Industry Corporation Metsä Group 1984–2014
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The project studies the Finnish cooperation in cooperative capitalism. It concentrates on the relations between cooperative, private, and state-owned big business, government, political parties, bank spheres, and interest groups.
Research group: Teemu Keskisarja, Markku Kuisma, Sakari Siltala

Business, Governments and International Trade in Cold War Europe
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The project studies government-business relations in the context of the highly politicised commercial relations between communist and capitalist states during the Cold War.
Research group: Niklas-Jensen-Eriksen, Maiju Wuokko

Cooperative Business in the Age of Extremes. Retail Co-Op HOK-Elanto 1905−2015
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The project studies the close links and interaction between cooperative business, politics and political ideas in the Finnish society. The aim is to examine how business developments intertwined with the ideological and political main currents of the 20th century, capitalism and socialism.
Research group: Markku Kuisma, Teemu Keskisarja, Anitra Komulainen, Ilkka Levä, Sakari Siltala

Comic opera and society in France and Northern Europe, ca. 1760–1790
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The project examines the importance of opera for collective identities, political participation and opinion, and points at the role of music as a critical medium in societies with unequally achieved literacy. By emphasising opera as a place of debate and sociability, the research brings a new dimension to the history of the public sphere.
Principal researcher: Charlotta Wolff

Päivälehti-Helsingin Sanomat 1889-2019
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The project studies the biggest and the only national newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat. Project focuses on journalism, business history, politics, cultural life and their interconnections.
Research group: Markku Kuisma, Eero Aalto, Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, Elina Kuorelahti, Aleksi Mainio, Antti Blåfield

Business Elite – Roots and Roles in Modern Society. The Finnish case in the European context 1750–2000
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Research group: Markku Kuisma, Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, Teemu Keskisarja, Elina Kuorelahti, Aleksi Mainio, Kari-Matti Piilahti, Alex Snellman, Charlotta Wolf, Maiju Wuokko, Jouni Yrjänä

Serlachius: a family and business history research project
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Teemu Keskisarja, Oula Silvennoinen

Wounds of War
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Supervisor: Juha Siltala
Research group: Gunilla Björkqvist, Ville Kivimäki, Jenni Kirves

Big Business, Small Nation: The Political Economy of the Finnish Forest Industries
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Kai Häggman, Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, Juhana Aunesluoma

Jobs as personal possession and professional autonomy (“Omistetut” työpaikat ja professionaalinen autonomia)
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Supervisor: Juha Siltala
Research group:  Marja Jalava, Timo Soukola

Paloheimo: a family and business history research project
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Markku Kuisma, Marko Paavilainen, Teemu Keskisarja, Jouni Yrjänä

Changing working life
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Juha Siltala

Elites and Social Change: Family Strategies and Networks of Power 1500–2000
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Led by Markku Kuisma, Seppo Aalto, Kai Häggman.

Cooperation, Competition and Capitalism: Development of Agrarian Cooperative Movement 1899-1999, Pellervo-Seura
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Led by Markku Kuisma