Wednesday 11.10.2017 at 14:15 we have two speakers. Salla-Maaria Laaksonen will give a talk with a title “Hybridit mainetarinat: miten ihmiset ja teknologia rakentavat organisaatiomainetta verkkojulkisuudessa”. Markus Ojala‘s title is “Kansainväliset talousfoorumit ja talousmedia liberaalin internationalismin airuina“. Unioninkatu 38 A room A225, all welcome!

Wednesday 1.2.2017 at 14 Jakob Donner-Amnell from University of Eastern Finland lectures about developments in the Finnish and Swedish forest industry sector since 1996. Unioninkatu 38 A room A205, all welcome!

Wednesday 30.11.2016 at 10.15 Matti La Mela from European University Institute (Florence, Italy) lectures about his PhD thesis topic “The Politics of Property in a European Periphery: The Ownership of Books, Berries and Patents in the Grand Duchy of Finland 1850-1910″. See more info about his dissertation.

Friday 15.5.2015 at 14-17:30: Commerce versus Conquest: finance as an instrument for peace in 18th c. France. Paper presentations by John Shovlin (NYU) and Antonella Alimento (Pisa) and discussion. At Unioninkatu 38 A room A205.  Drinks and nibbles afterwards. Registration is appreciated; to receive the papers before the event or for further information, please email See seminar poster (PDF).

Thursday 21.5.2015 at 15-17:30: The Haitian Revolution reconsidered: profits, slavery and constitutional and human rights. Paper presentation by Paul Cheney (Chicago) and comments and discussion introduced by Martti Koskenniemi (Helsinki). At Unioninkatu 38 A room A205.  Drinks and nibbles afterwards. Registration is appreciated; to receive the papers before the event or for further information, please email See seminar poster (PDF)

Wednesday 25.3.2015 2015 doctoral candidate Mari Olafson Lundemo presents about Organisation Todt, a well-known building organisation in Nazi-Germany, and its operations in Finland during the Continuation War. We’ll meet at 2:15 pm at Unioninkatu 38 A:n 2. flor, room 225. All welcome!

Wednesday 21.1.2015  adjuct professor Anu Lahtinen talks about the long history of debt. We’ll meet at 2:15 pm at Unioninkatu 38 A:n 2. flor, room 225. All welcome!

Monday 25.11.2014 Mats Fridlund, newly appointed professor of history of industrialization in the Aalto University gives a talk  “How we learned to live with the bombs: Histories of forgotten fears and the business of terrormindedness. Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 12-14.

Monday 11.11.2014 the head director of Elinkeinoelämän keskusarkisto (ELKA) Jarmo Luoma-aho talks about newest archive collections at ELKA. Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 12-14.

Monday 28.10.2014 Elena Kochetkova talks about Finnish technology in Soviet forest industry in 1950s and 60s. “Tietoja rajan yli: Suomen teknologia Neuvostoliiton metsäteollisuudessa 1950–1960-luvuilla.” Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 12-14.

Monday 14.10.2014 Mila Oiva gives a talk about “Markkinointi ja mainonta Puolan ulkomaankaupassa 1956–1982”. Event takes place in Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 2-4 PM.

No pre-registration, all welcome!

October 2013. Conference on “Militarizing the Civil Society – Civilizing the Military Society” in 3.–4. of October. See detailed program from conference website.

May 2013. Experiences of the Finnish-Soviet trade in the 1980s.
Stefan Widomski (Nokia) and Ph.D and diplomat Kari Ketola (Tampella, Rauma-Repola and UPM-Kymmene) will share their experiences of the Soviet trade in the 1980. Event takes place on Monday 20th May at 2 pm sharp at Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Unioninkatu 38 A, the “Scriptorium” room).

April 2013 Jyrki Koulumies and Risto Kangas-Ikkala will give a talk about Finnish-Soviet trade in the 1970s based on their personal experiences. Event takes place on Monday 15th of April 2013 at 2 pm (sharp) in Aleksanteri Institute at conference room (Unioninkatu 33, 2. krs).

Koulumies and Kangas-Ikkala recently published a book “Kohtalona Kostamus. Risto Kangas-Ilkkalan muistelmat” (Siltala, 2012). Book challenges previous interpretations on how the Finns succeeded in selling and delivering large construction projects in Kostamus in the 1970s. According to the authors,  commercial skills and technical know-how played a bigger role in landing the projects than the interventionist politics by Urho Kekkonen.

March 2013 PhD Suvi Kansikas gives a talk about SEV, EEC and the Finland’s integration politics on Monday 4th of March 2013 at 2 pm (sharp) at Unioninkatu 38 at Scriptorium room (A219).


January 2013. Saara Matala gives a talk about the ending of the Finnish-Soviet trade at the turn of the 1990s after which a discussion follows. No pre-registrations. All welcome; we will meet 28th of January 2013 at 2:00 PM (sharp!) Unionikatu 38 A 2nd floor (Topelia), room A219 (Scriptorium).

Something to read before the meeting:

  • Saara Matala: Idänkauppa oli varmaa, mutta sitten se loppui. Haik 2/2012.

December 2012. Capitalism and democracy” panel discussion with the Chairman of the Board in Sampo Group, D.Sc Björn Wahlroos, professors Markku Kuisma, Juha Siltala and Niklas Jensen-Eriksen. All welcome! Light lunch is served after the discussion. Please pre-register to maiju wuokko (at) helsinki fi no later than 21st November. The event takes place 4th of December at 10.30-13.00 at Unioninkadun juhlahuoneistot (Unioninkatu 33).

November 2012. Head of the Research Department in KELA and Adjunct Professor Olli Kangas (D.Pol.Sc.) will give a talk 19th of November on ”Welfare State’‘ at 16-18 PM at Unionkatu 38, Topelia, lecture room B107. No pre-registration, all welcome!


October 2012. We will discuss 17th of October about Jared Diamond’s books Guns, germs and steel: The fates of human societes” (1997) and “Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed” (2005) introduced by Päivi Uljas. All welcome, no pre-registration. Event takes place in Unioninkatu 38, Topelia lecture room “Scriptorium” at 16 PM.

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