Jobs as personal possession and professional autonomy

( 2006–2007)

Supervisor: Juha Siltala
Research group:  Marja Jalava, Timo Soukola

The project had one overarching theme: how socially guaranteed jobs emerged, functioned as a source for negotiating power and how their foundations in trade union monopols or professional autonomy with collegial administration began to shatter. This peculiar development is analysed and contextualized with two extreme examples from quite different fields of the labour market: academicians and seamen. Marja Jalava’s study concentrates on the tightening of the managerial grid in the universities with its historically varying reasons, whereas Timo Soukola has studied the special case of closed shop monopol in the Finnish Seamens’ Union, lost along with outsourcings.


Marja Jalava: The University in the Making of the Nordic Welfare State: The Case of Finnish Degree Reform, c. 19601980, forthcoming in 2011, Publisher: Peter Lang.

Timo Soukola: Järjestö jäänmurtajana. Suomen Merimiesunioni työmarkkinaosapuolena ja suomalaisten laivatyöntekijöiden turvallisuuden vankentajana. Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto 2007.