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Katariina Mertanen, Karen Pashby and Kristiina Brunila’s article Governing of young people ‘at risk’ with the alliance of employability and precariousness in the EU youth policy steering was published by Policy Futures of Education.


This article focuses on neoliberal governing by the European Union of cross-sectoral youth policies directed at young people ‘at risk’. The aim is to show how the alliance of discourses of employability and precariousness in these policies has emerged and how these discourses operate in policy. In the article, we analyse European Council and European Commission policy documents from 2000 to 2016 by drawing on the idea of discourses and governing with neoliberal political rationality. Our results show that the financial crisis and policy initiatives launched to mitigate its consequences made it possible to mainstream the neoliberal rationality of individual competition and flexibility as an inseparable part of youth policy steering.


Tuuli Kurki, Kristiina Brunila and Elina Lahelma’s article Constituting Immigrant Care Workers Through Gendering and Racialising Practices in Education was published by Nordic Journal of Migration Research.


The focus of this paper is to examine how immigrants become constituted as ideal care workers in educational settings. By analysing the everyday practices in two educational contexts in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland, the authors explore how these practices that are influenced by the national and transnational immigration and integration policy, regardless of their well-meant actions, can gender and racialise students with immigrant status.


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