As I meet new people through my work as the project coordinator of the ROUTE-project (Reshaping Orientation, Unity and Team-work in ECGS Master’s Programme), there are some questions that come up quite often. Here I have gathered some of the main ones, in order to clear some of the misconceptions regarding our project.

What are you really aiming to achieve with the ROUTE project?

The ultimate aim of the project could be summarized in the following quote from one of our steering group members: “Making students and staff feel at home in ECGS Master’s Programme”.

We want to make it clearer why the ECGS Master’s Programme is so brilliant: because students have the freedom to choose from multiple study paths and thus create their own kind of expertise  ̶  expertise that is needed in solving current and future sustainability challenges.

As there are multiple journeys one can take within the programme, we want to make our operating models as easy and clear as possible.

What are the envisioned outputs of the ROUTE project?

The route project has three clear objectives. By the end of the project we have:

  1. A system for PSP and Master’s thesis guidance in ECGS
  2. A clear study path for students through ECGS-001, -002, -003, -004 courses
  3. Virtual introductions of and for the ECGS programme

The Route-project is a part of the Digiloikka-family. Does this mean that the aim of the project is to force ECGS working methods into digital formats?

The short answer -No.

The long(er) answer -No. In the ROUTE-project we aim at making things easier for teachers and students alike. This means for example clear Personal Study Plans and easy communication between students and staff. This might mean using digital platforms or it might mean increasing face-to-face communication. A big question is how do we promote communication and cooperation in a Master’s programme that is situated in 4 campuses? Most likely the answer lies somewhere in a creative mixture of methods.

What digital platforms/software will you develop in the project?

No new software is created during the project. However, we will aim at making the most of current developments in University of Helsinki. This means following up on SISU, Grappa, Ethesis, Oodikone, Eportfolio and many other projects that are going on in the university. We aim to make the most of the fruits these projects bear – in a way they best serve our purpose.

I am interested in the ECGS ROUTE project – how can I join? (ok, I don’t get this question that often, but just in case someone is wondering)

Glad that you asked! Please contact me riina.koivuranta at helsinki.fi and we can talk about how you can be involved in a way that is most suitable for you! Or in case you have a question that has not been featured in the list, please let me know!


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