Digital Humanism Networks

There seems to be nowadays a buzzing community surrounding digital humanism. There is the Digital Humanism Finland, which resides mainly in the google group .

Then there is the new Heldig community, which relates to the Heldig centre of digital humanities, , but which also has a presence in social media, via Facebook group  and a #HelsinkiDH hashtag in Twitter.

Verkkojen laskeminen jään alle.

Suomen kalastuslehti, 01.01.1915, nro 3, s. 12 Kansalliskirjaston Digitoidut aineistot


Then there are both new and old groups, which think on integrating research and practical IT (or ICT) work, like the Rajapinta , or the Agricola forum about historical topics or APISuomi for thinking of interfaces between information systems. Lots of communities and lots of opportunities to network and share experiences. Summa summarum, there exists lots of community groups, so do join in and help if you are interested to promote certain topic!

With this in mind eagerly waiting what is happening in the Digital Humanities i Norden conference, which is just starting. There are lots of participants from universities around Nordics, sharing information about new research.

Which other communities there that share information on research topics?