I am an atmospheric researcher working with “aerosol particles”.
Aerosol particles are tiny particles (few nm to um size) that are present in the atmosphere. These particles affect health, clouds, and climate.

In very short, my research is on:
1) How aerosol particles form?
2) How aerosol particles grow?
3) How aerosol particles interact with water to form droplets and ice crystals?

My work includes computer modeling, field measurement, laboratory experiments, and developing new scientific instruments.

I have been working for different institutes: Currently, I work at HIP and INAR at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Previously, I was working at CERN, Switzerland (5 years, working with the CLOUD chamber), at PSI Switzerland (4 years, doing my Ph.D. research using the LAC Smog Chamber),  at CSIRO, Australia (10 months, doing my master thesis following by assistant research project).
-CNRS, France


University of Helsinki researcher page

Orcid Number: 0000-0001-8819-0264

Web of Science ResearcherID: A-1723-2010