Senior lecturers of university pedagogy speak about their inspiration

University pedagogy draws on wide multidisciplinary fields. Two senior lecturers in university pedagogy speak here what inspires them in pedagogy. DocSocSci Liisa Myyry and PhD Leena Ripatti-Torniainen support teachers at the Faculty of Science. Giving pedagogical training and supporting the Faculty and degree programs in pedagogical development are the main part of our job.


I have a PhD and a title of a docent in social psychology and moral psychology (such as value priorities, ethical development) has been one domain of my research. My current research interests are digitalization in teaching and learning, assessment methods and practices, peer learning and moral consciousness in studying history. I also collaborate with teachers of the Faculty in doing pedagogical research. You can find me in Chemicum A123, or contact me by email (liisa.myyry @


First and foremost, I am a developer of education in the context of the society and the public realm. I have a PhD in journalism studies and have explored topics in the intersection of the public realm and education, such as public agency, subjectivity and difference. All these concepts relate to the everyday practice of teaching as well as students’ future environments. The topics illuminate that education transforms both individual lives and societies. Until recently, I worked at the Faculty of Social Sciences where I developed e.g. the new working life and expertise degree modules and participated intensively in the master’s thesis reform.

I’ll be working with the Faculty of Science until 31 August, 2020. I consider myself privileged to learn from your advanced and brave initiatives! While being here, I’d like to somehow experiment the ways university pedagogy could be learned and developed in co-creative, open, public settings. Besides the email, you’ll find me at the Ubicampus space and on Twitter: @LeenaRipatti 

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