The Follow-Up Project will be realized in 2014

This year, I think, Christmas came early and Santa had his bag full of surprises. The most looked-for Christmas gift was the decision on the continuing of our digitization project. In early December, the Kone Foundation made its mind and awarded the National Library of Finland and its Digitization Project of Kindred Languages a grant, which is meant for realizing the Follow-Up Project in 2014 and 2015.

During the Follow-Up Project, we are aiming to produce 1073 monograph titles (ca. 88 600 pages) and 51 newspaper titles (ca. 72 500 pages) in various Uralic languages. This time, the selection of languages will grow significantly and we want to offer more variety in languages than it was possible during the Pilot Project.

  • Nenets 72
  • Selkup 14
  • Udmurt 118
  • Komi-Permyak 123
  • Komi-Zyryan 180
  • Khanty 56
  • Mansi 64
  • Erzya 75
  • Moksha 102
  • Meadow Mari 133
  • Hill Mari 109
  • Ingrian 3
  • Karelian 23
  • Sami 1

As the number of digitized books does increase, so does the subject matters of the books – the pre-selection of material was completed with the help of several researchers in order to ensure that the vocabulary of this material would be as vast as possible. The topics of the books in question do vary from politics to popular enlightenment, from medicine to agriculture and so on. We are also convinced that this material will be a great source for other branches of research than linguistics.

In addition to the monographs, we are willing to digitize regional newspapers and magazines in Udmurt, Komi and Mordvinic languages. By focusing on the secluded and to some extent even peripheral publications, we are shed some light on the regional life in the interwar period in Udmurtia, Komi and Mordva.

Naturally, these lists are preliminary as long as the copyrights will be cleared, the material will be digitized etc., but one might be interested in seeing what we have planned to produce, so take a glimpse on the preselected material here:

The realization of the Follow-Up Project will be quite similar to the customs, which were created during the Pilot Project. The material in question will be digitized from the collections of the National Library of Russia (St. Petersburg) and the copyrights of these items will be examined in co-operation with National Library Resource (Moscow).

Check this blog and the library web site for updates. Further information will be provided by request. Please, write you enquiry to

Wishing you silent Xmas and joyous New Year. See you in 2014!

Yours &c., Jussi-Pekka

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