What if paints could be fully bio-based?

In aqueous paints, alkyd binders are already largely bio-based. The next step towards more sustainable paints is to use bio-based stabilizers to emulsify alkyds, so that they can be applied in spreadable and flowable paints and coatings. Within the former Tekes (currently Business Finland) -funded “Novel biomass-based solutions for technical emulsions (BITE)” project (2016−2018), we tested wood hemicelluloses (spruce gum and birch gum) as alkyd emulsifiers with promising results. Please read our full text open access article here: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.indcrop.2019.03.017.

Ava Mikkonen, at age 9, kindly tested our paint prototypes, which only consisted of water, alkyds, hemicelluloses, and pigments, without any other additives such as drying control agents. Her beautiful painting illustrates a landscape with two mountain peaks.