Gentrans I: 2005-2009

The first Gentrans round was carried out in 2005–2009. The research project was interested in the interaction between generations, unofficial help between generations and the social influence of the “baby boomers”. How would the baby boomers age? Were they inclined to help their adult children and their grandchildren with practical and financial aid and emotional support, and how was such help allocated? Did they perceive such help as a duty or choice, and how much responsibility would they assign to society versus individuals and family networks? People born between 1945 and 1950 and their adult children and elderly parents were selected to the survey sample. The data were collected by Statistic Finland in the spring 2007. The baby boomers’ data included altogether 1,115 respondents (response rate 56 %) and their adult children’s data included altogether 1,435 respondents (response rate 42%). In addition, small survey data from baby boomers’ parents was gathered in 2008 (n = 32). This survey was financed by Academy of Finland (research grant nr. 29885301) and Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA).