Mihaela Nyyssönen

Mihaela is an educational professional specialized in designing e-learning experiences. With an academic background in educational sciences, Mihaela is a graduate of the master’s programme in Changing Education. She is passionate about research-based development of education, and she believes that anyone can make an impact on education if they are in an empowering environment.

Mihaela is known as a creative mind, and an outside the box thinker with a strong spirit of initiative. She enjoys coordinating complex projects, which include multi-professional teams. Mihaela has recently led the faculty-wide initiative of creating a new innovative MOOC on Finnish education system. The Uncover Finnish Education MOOC was launched in August 2023, and it includes different AI tools and VR simulations.

In the Global Campus project, Mihaela will use her extensive expertise in online learning design as part of the EdTech experiments.

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