Hyytiälä forest station – workshop retreat

Global campus at Hyytiälä forest station

A quick update on the Global campus team.

We visited our university’s Hyytiälä Forest Station for several intensive workshop sessions on March 18 and 19. We concentrated our efforts on fine tuning Serendip‘s first episode called Boreal forest. New to Serendip, our immersive virtual adventure? Make sure to view the trailer and read about it on the site. In addition to our work we also dedicated time to team building and bonding activities.

Global campus at Hyytiälä forest station
Unfortunately due to image size ration two of our team members were “cut out” from the header image – here you have all!

The location and facilities are ideal for this type of work, where the team remains together for an extended period, and all services, including accommodation, food and social activities (sauna!), are organised by Hyytiälä forest station.

I created a scenario type Thinglink called Workshop retreat at Hyytiälä forest station based on the images I had taken with a drone, 360° camera and smart phone.

If you’re new to Thinglink, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following guidelines: For the best viewing experience, I recommend using a large screen. The 360° images allow rotation, offering a comprehensive view of the surroundings. Some images include tags with detailed information. To navigate to the next image, click the ‘Proceed’ button located in the upper right-hand corner.

You can access the material through the following links according to your preferences. In any case, remember to go full screen for maximal immersive experience and in case you have a VR headset handy to use it!

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Lake Kuivajärvi, Hyytiälä forest station
Lake Kuivajärvi, Hyytiälä forest station