A Future camp was arranged at Hyytiälä Forest Station at the end of April as part of PUUSTAUS project, which brings together key stakeholders in the forestry sector and education network. Building a sustainable future, particularly in forestry field, requires open minded innovative thinking. Therefore, the aim of the camp was to strengthen students’ futures thinking skills and to provide a platform for networking. Themes such as foresight in the forest sector, future studies and the factors of change were discussed. Additionally, activities to foster interpersonal communication and entrepreneurial skills were implemented.  

The camp was a perfect occasion to test the latest version of the Boreal Forest episode of Serendip. The participants, all of whom had expertise in the forestry field, were able to explore the Serendip environment in a dedicated testing session during the first day of the camp. Useful feedback and fruitful ideas were collected, and interesting conversations and interactions continued throughout the camp.  

Overall, the camp was a great opportunity to receive external feedback, while also reflecting on the future of the boreal forest and its implications for society and the economy at large. It also provided a space to reflect on forestry education and on how it can be reimagined and innovated, all while being immersed in the ideal setting: the Finnish boreal forest. This included engaging in traditional Finnish activities, such as staying at the kota and having a relaxing sauna.  

Helmi and Letizia