Jussi Wright


Avatar picture of Jussi Wright
Avatar picture of Jussi Wright

Jussi is a long-term product and software developer. In the Global Campus project, he runs educational technology experiments  and develops gamified learning environments.

As an entrepreneur and having been involved in numerous startup projects, he brings with him rapid development methods and usability planning from the commercial side. The unifying factor in various tasks has been product development and commercialization in projects related to disruptive technologies. He started the work with and develop AI-based solutions for learning already back in 2017. The global news about the AI robot he piloted to assist the children reached over 200 Million page views at Reuters.

A special area of interest for Jussi has always been various 3D technologies, from product design to game design. He has been awarded with an honorable mention from the President of Finland in Innosuomi competition and the product he developed has been included in the Design Finland Yearbook. His last educational project was an app designed for parents to support the child’s growth. This was designed and developed for the Rovio´s spin-off company Fun Academy.

At the moment, his role as a gamified learning environment designer (in more familiar terms: game designer), combines art and development.