PI’s Diary 2019

January 2019: Project Launch 

Now the HUMANA project has officially been launched. Our first seminar was held in Turku in collaboration with the Finnish Institute for Migration. Our Post-Doctoral Researcher Saara Kekki gave an overview of Dynamic Network modeling tools and Dr. Francis Flavin Discussed the use of Historical Big Data and network analysis.
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March 2019: Project Researcher Joins the Team 

As the PI of the HUMANA-project I gave a talk at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies regarding the use of historical materials in dynamic network modeling. This month we have also been fortunate to have Doctoral student Olli Saukko join our team as a part time project researcher. 
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August  2019: A Great Archival Discovery 

The summer brought us a welcome gift. Connie Pim and David Bean from Sugar Island e-mailed us and told about the discovery of heretofore unseen documents that had been lying in someone’s basement for decades. Our new project Post-Doctoral researcher Justin Gage got his first assignment to go to Michigan to do researcher with this newfound treasure trove. He returned with more than 5400 pages of materials he had photographed. Cool stuff.
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September 2019: Intense Data Munging in Helsinki 

Justin has spent the last month with us in Helsinki. We have made significant steps in going through the, materials he found and developing network analysis methods. Justin and Saara will also work on their respective research projects on Native American networks and Japanese Americans respectively. This allow us to develop and compare our methodology in other contexts. Organized a great workshop here too. 

October 2019: Archives and Workshop in the United States 

Saara and I went on a monthlong research and fieldtrip to the US. We found even more sources and held a wonderful four-day workshop in Montana.

Writer: Rani-Henrik Andersson
Keywords: social network analysis, historical network analysis 

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