Genealogy resource Ancestry

Ancestry is the world’s largest online family history resource with billions of historical records and millions of family trees.

Genealogical Society of Finland

The Genealogical Society of Finland is a national voluntary non-governmental organisation promoting the study of genealogy and social history in Finland. Founded in 1917 its purpose is to act as a facilitator and link between genealogists and further Finnish family and personal history research.
Finnish church records (in Finnish)

Kone Foundation (collaborator)

Kone Foundation is an independent and unaffiliated organisation, which awards grants to promote academic research, culture and art. “We popularise research and organise events to bring art and research to wide audiences. We pursue active arts and research policies and constantly seek to provide alternatives to the mainstream.”

Kone Foundation

Migration Institute of Finland  (collaborator)

Migration Institute of  Finland was founded in 1974, and has its headquarters in Turku. The tasks of the Migration Institute are:

  • to promote the collection, storage and documentation of research material relating to international and internal migration including immigrants and refugees,
  • to carry out and to promote migration research,
  • to publish research reports, books and articles on migration,
  • and to develop co-operation between the universities and special organizations related to migration, both within Finland and abroad.

Finnish passport and travel database 

Migration Institute of Finland