Update to Helka service status – Due dates moved to 17.1.2017

The service break in Helka-database still continues on certain parts of the system due to reasons outside of the library. Because of the prolongation of the break, all loans with due dates on 11.1. – 16.1. have been set to expire on 17.1.

What works already

  • Customer interface of Helka
    • Search and tracking of materials
    • Renewals and requests
    • Payment of fees works again
  • Loaning and returning on the automats

What doesn’t work yet

  • Loaning and returning at the service desk
  • Updating customer information or paying fees at the service desk
  • Making of new library cards
  • Requesting material from closed collection as self-service. Material will be retrieved from the closed collection on demand whenever possible.

You can log in to Helka-database once again with the default PIN code 1234, if you haven’t changed your pin code.

Helsinki University Library opens its data for the general public

Helsinki University Library’s open data web service api.hulib.helsinki.fi offers the vast majority of the library’s data in easy-to-use JSON format. In addition to library catalog data, the service contains data of University of Helsinki disciplines and library opening hours. The APIs are documented in Swagger specifications.

Citizens and businesses can retrieve library’s data from the service for personal or commercial purposes. For example, we hope to see new mobile services based on our data. The service will be expanded and developed further in the future. We are planning to open data of Helda, as well as University’s research groups publication data through the service.

Kuva palvelinsalista
Image source: 123rf

The service was implemented by the Helsinki University Library’s application development group. Helsinki University Library has long been a pioneer in the application of information technology, but the current closed library system prevents the library catalog data from appearing in search engines such as Google. The current library system does not provide any tools for opening the data. The upcoming new library system should have built-in support for open APIs.

Basics in Information Seeking at the library Friday 26.9 at 12-14

The course is an introduction to information sources and seeking information in the University of Helsinki. It is suitable for anybody writing an essay and also for those who are taking the ICT Driving Licence (particularly part 4, Information Seeking).

You will learn

  • How to search effectively
  • How to find good search terms
  • How to search and find books, articles, theseses
  • How to find Finnish and international databases in your own subject

The teacher is Information Specialist Kristina Weimer. Please, register at WebOodi.

Student printing becomes chargeable on 15.4.

Student printing becomes chargeable across the University as of 15.4. Old printing quotas will be zeroed at the same time. Printing balance used to pay prints can be bought from Unigrafia’s online print store (in Finnish) or at their express prints.

  • Black and white pages cost 7,6 cents / page
  • Colour pages cost 26,6 cents / page

Free of charge printers

It is possible to use free of charge printers during a transitional period that lasts this spring and summer.

  • Printing on these machines is free of charge to students.Student Print Point -logo
  • These devices can only be used for black and white printing, while photocopying and scanning is not possible.
  • Usage of these printers is allowed only for students in study-related purposes.
  • Free of charge printers are marked with StudentPrintPoint-logo.

Free of charge printers located near libraries

  • Fabianinkatu 28 (Aleksandria)
    • 1st and 3rd floor
  • Siltavuorenpenger 5 A (Minerva)
    • K214
  • Gustaf Hällströmin Katu 2a (Physicum)
    • D208
  • Haartmaninkatu 4
    • Learning Centre Mocoma
  • Viikinkaari 11 (Info Centre Korona)
    • Library 2nd floor

Extended loan periods during holiday season

Loaned and renewed books have extended loan periods during holiday season. Due date will be 9.1.2014 or later depending on the normal loan period of the material when it is loaned or renewed on following dates or later.

  • Loan period 28 days: 21.11.
  • Loan period 14 days: 5.12.
  • Loan period 2 days: 17.12.

Learning, Science and Documents: Yle-point in Kaisa-House on 12.–13.2.

Tell us whose lectures should be recorded? What kind of science program do you value? Which documents would you like to see? How is Yle of your dreams?

You are welcome to familiarize yourself with the materials of Yle Learning, Science, Documents and Archives. Give us feedback and ask questions!
You can find us at the exhibit area near the library’s main entrance in 3rd floor of Kaisa-House between 12-20.

Makers of Yle Learning, Science, Theme and Living Archives
Yle Learning, Yle Living Archives, Yle Theme