Fiskars 2016


Influence of Colonies on Commercial Legal Practice

Fiskars (Finland), 7-8 January, 2016

The aim of this workshop is to bring together recent findings on the influences overseas trading (with a particular focus on Early Modern and Modern Times) and in particular colonial settlements (whether crown or charter colonies) have had on commercial law and legal practices in a broad sense. Over the past years, scholars have been studying “colonial law and justice”, emphasizing on the transplant and adaptation of legal rules and courts to the colonies, also as concerns commercial law and practices. It appears that colonial experiences not only led to the development of a particular so-called “colonial law” but also influenced commercial practices of the major colonial Empires, as well in their relations with their overseas colonies as on an international level. In view of this, many ideas about the influence of colonial experiences on the making of commercial law should be reconsidered. This round-table conference will therefore bring together topics that can be addressed within this “colonial” framework as maritime commercial law, risk and insurance, commercial contracts, company law, State and Private enterprises, conflicts of law and conflict resolution…

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