Work continues, although slowed down by the Corona situation

Our work on the archaeological and heritage potential of the Mannerheim Line continues, albeit slowly as we have not been able to access the research area this year at all. Instead we have concentrated on developing the public crowdsourcing interface for approaching the material remains remotely. This can then act as a basis for future fieldwork and for evaluating sites that are deemed of special importance by the public.

Besides preparing for the crowdsourcing part, we have cooperated with Antti Ruokonen on his research about the Belgian fortification specialists working at several sectors of the Mannerheim Line, soon to be published in Suomen Sotahistoriallisen Seuran aikakauskirja. My colleagues at the In Flanders Fields Museum kindly assisted with the archival material left behind by General Emile Badoux and stored there, thank you Birger!

Newspaper article about General Badoux’s work on the Mannerheim Line (Photograph Birger Stichelbaut).


As soon as the Corona situation allows, our project will move to Eastern Karelian Isthmus to continue work in the Taipale region. This was planned for summer 2020, but was left half way when the border restrictions put it in halt.

The sectors where the Belgian fortification specialists worked: S= Summa, M= Muolaa, SK= Salmenkaita.