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The following Moodle courses will be given in Spring in Finnish:

  • 18th April at 13:15-16:00 Moodle clinic: Come and make your own course
  • 19th April at 14:15-16:00 Web seminar: What can Moodle do for you?* Cancelled!
  • 27th April at 15:15-17:00 Which MOOC?
  • 5th May at 13:15-16:00 How can I assess in Moodle?*
  • 12th May at 9:15-11 Moodle Workshop (In English!) NEW!
  • 29th May at 9:30-12:00 How can I assess in Moodle?*
  • 14th June at 12:30-16:00 Exams in Moodle or in Examinarium?*

*you can join the seminar also via Adobe Connect

More information and enrollment in Henkka.
See similar courses in Meilahti.

If you wish to have training in English or in some other topic please contact moodle @ helsinki.fi


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