Welcome to Moodle TrainingS in Autumn 2019

During the autumn term 2019, the Educational technology services’ Moodle Team offers training for Moodle use, including Moodle basics as well as Moodle & MOOC clinics in every campus. The registration is open in Suffeli Learning!

If there is no suitable training available at a time that works for you, please just email us at moodle@helsinki.fi and we can provide individual consultations and group trainings for you and your colleagues.

Moodle basics

Is Moodle a new program for you? In the Moodle basics course, you will learn the basics and you can start working on your own course.

  • Moodle basics 22nd October at 1-3 PM, Viikki campus (in English)
  • Moodlen perusteet 9th September at 2:15-5 PM, Metsätalo (in Finnish)

Moodle & MOOC Clinics

Come and work on your own courses! The clinics are especially useful for teachers who are about to start a course in the near future. The clinics will focus on building your own course. Our eLearning specialists work around in the classroom to assist and help the participants as needed. It is advisable to take part in the clinic only after you have completed the Moodle basics course or equivalent.

  • Moodle & MOOC Clinic 19th August at 2-4 PM, Aleksandria
  • Moodle & MOOC Clinic 5th September at 1-3 PM, Viikki
  • Moodle & MOOC Clinic 22nd October at 2-4, Meilahti
  • Moodle & MOOC Clinic 4th November at 9-11 AM, Siltavuorenpenger
  • Moodle & MOOC Clinic 3rd December at 1-3 PM, Kumpula

Moodle basics as self-study course

14th August 2019 we are launced a new self-study online course titled “Moodle basics”. In this course, it is possible to learn at your own pace how the initial setup of the course works, how to add materials and how to build and design the most important activities for the course. The course also provides an great opportunity to refresh your knowledge on Moodle. The course is in Finnish. To the course.

Moodle advanced courses

Exams and evaluation are a hot topic at the moment at the university. These trainings are in Finnish, except for the gradebook training, which will be taught in English if needed.

  • Tentit Moodlessa 2nd September at 1-2 PM, Siltavuorenpenger
  • Moodlen Safe Exam Browser -tentin laatiminen 2nd September at 2-4:30 PM, Meilahti
  • Moodle: Itse- ja vertaisarviointi työpaja-aktiviteetilla 30th September at 2-4.30 PM, Metsätalo
  • Tentit Moodlessa 21st October at 1-3 PM, Aleksandria
  • Moodle Gradebook training 24th October at 1-3 PM, Viikki (can be taught in English or Finnish depending on the participants language)
  • Tenttikysymysten kehittäminen Moodlen analytiikan avulla 19th November at 8-10 AM, Meilahti
  • Moodlen Safe Exam Browser -tentin laatiminen 2nd December at 8-10:30 AM, Meilahti

Detailed information and registration at Suffeli Learning. You’ll find “SAP Suffeli” also through the Flamma tools.

If you have any questions about registration or courses please don’t hesitate to contact us at moodle@helsinki.fi

Best regards, The Moodle Team
Educational Technology Services