In January starts the MOOC course: Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics

Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” is a free MOOC-course open for registration for everyone interested in learning more about Moodle. The course is especially geared for teachers who would like to develop their own use of Moodle and gain experience studying with a MOOC. This course is a great opportunity to connect with the international Moodle-community and to share new ideas with teachers who use Moodle worldwide.

The MOOC will begin on 8nd January, 2018 and lasts for four weeks. The completion of the course for accomplishment grade is optional. You are free to participate as an auditor with your own user login, to follow the course when it is convenient for you.

Find out more information about the course and register at:

For registration, you just need an email account, which will enable you to create your own password for login purposes. This MOOC is designed and organized by Moodle HQ, not University of Helsinki. We hope you may take this wonderful opportunity!

Participate in Moodle-trainings and request customized workshops

The University of Helsinki’s Educational Technology Services offers a wide range of support for faculty and staff for e-learning tools and pedagogy. We provide online tools for e-learning and collaboration, which are supported by consultation and workshops in educational technologies. One of the central online tools at the university is the online learning environment Moodle. Moodle is an extremely versatile teaching tool: the platform can be used for e.g. assessments, examinations, teamwork, student progress monitoring, gamification, and prevention of plagiarism.
We support faculty and staff in the use of Moodle as individual consultations through our online ticketing system and in person, as well as through customized workshops and regularly scheduled, recurrent training sessions. We respond to questions from faculty and staff at

Please note that you can order tailor-made trainings and workshops from us to your campus unit. We can hold a short presentation, workshop, or a longer training on the topic you would like to request. It is convenient to integrate this type of training as part of a larger training program, a staff meeting or a professional development day. If you would like to order a training, please contact

We inform about all open, upcoming Moodle training on our website at This autumn, there will be the following training courses:

  • 7.11. klo 16-18 Moodle basics in English (FULL)
  • 14.11. klo 13-15 Moodle workshop in English (enrolment)
  • 20.11. at 15.15-18 Moodle & MOOC Clinic
  • 21.11. at 13.30-16 Exams at Moodle or Examinarium? (in Finnish)
  • 28.11. at 13.30-16 How to assess at Moodle? (in Finnish)
  • 11.12. at 12.15-15 Moodle & MOOC Clinic
  • 13.12. at 3-5 PM Moodle advanced workshop (Moodle quizzes, grading in Moodle) (registration here)

To enroll for a training, please refer to the training calendar at Henkka The training is intended for HY staff and is free of charge. We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Moodle Team
Educational Technology Services
University of Helsinki

Come to Moodle training in Autumn 2017

This autumn there is also training in English:

  • 13th September at 16:15-18 Introduction to Moodle
  • 14th September at 15-17 Introduction to Moodle (Webinar/Online Meeting)

Two more “Moodle basics” courses in Finnish:

  • 22th August at 13:15-16 Moodlen perusteet
  • 25th October at 15:15-18 Moodlen perusteet

Moodle & MOOC clinics now every month – Come and make your own course:

  • 30th August at 15:15-18
  • 29th September at 9:15-12
  • 26th October at 14:15-17
  • 20th November at 15:15-18
  • 11th December at 12:15-15

Advanced courses in Finnish. You can join the beginning of the training also via Adobe Connect.

  • 8th September at 13:15-16 Mikä MOOC? (MOOC)
  • 12th September at 13:30-16 Tentit Moodlessa vai tenttiakvaario Examinariumissa? (Exams)
  • 26th September at 13:30-16 Miten arvioida Moodlessa? (Grading)
  • 21th November at 13:30-16 Tentit Moodlessa vai tenttiakvaario Examinariumissa? (Exams)
  • 28th November at 13:30-16 Miten arvioida Moodlessa? (Grading)

More information and enrollment in Henkka.

If you wish to have training in English or in some other topic please contact moodle @

What’s new in Moodle after the latest version update

Moodle learning environment was updated to version 3.2 on 29th June, 2017. The update included some new features, as well as the following changes described below.


Grader report has been moved to Navigation block: My courses > choose your course > Grades.

Change user role

The Switch role to -function is now located within the user menu.

Completion progress

The Progress bar block has been changed to Completion progress block. To create a new Completion progress block, you need to first enable Completion tracking in course settings in order to use the Completion progress tool.


H5P is an easy-to-use and versatile tool to add information and questions to videos, create presentations and quizzes, and more. Become acquainted with the new H5P Interactive content activity.  If you would like to see a certain property in use within H5P (see the list) please just let us know, and we can adapt the tool. At the moment, H5P is in test use and we would like to hear your comments.

Give feedback!

Send feedback to the address

Thank you very much!

Moodle version update and service break 29th June 2017

The Moodle learning environment of the University of Helsinki will be updated to version 3.2 on Thursday 29th June during the time at 8-17 o’clock. During this time Moodle is not available for users.

New features in Moodle 3.2:

  • Discussion locking after a period of inactivity
  • Assignment overrides for individuals or groups
  • Rubrics grade calculation now allows negative scores
  • Teachers can make a selection on behalf of students in the Choice activity
  • User-friendly messaging and alerts
  • New media player VideoJS
  • Interactive report charts

Watch videos about Moodle 3.2 highlights. Please note that the Boost theme will be applied to UH’s Moodle later.

At the same time some new features will be implemented:

  • Moodle Mobile – use Moodle via an app
  • H5P – a versatile tool for making teaching material, e.g. interactive videos
  • Progress bar will be replaced with Completion Progress block – a handy students’ follow-up tool

Moodle Mobile and H5P are in testing and they can be used independently.

If you have any questions about the new version of Moodle, please contact moodle (at)