Moodle-koulutuksia englanniksi tulossa

Moodle basics in English

Computer room 4403, Biocentre 3 (Viikki),  23rd October 2009 9.00 – 12.00

Instructors: Anni Rytkönen & Stephen Venn

The training session is intended for teachers with little or no experience of using the Moodle learning environment. We will go through all of the basic functions of Moodle 1.9, do some exercises to gain experience of using some of the features and then assist you to develop your own course. For this last task you will need to order a course area via the link: or by sending a request by e-mail to containing your name, faculty, course title, course code (if available) and short version of course title. The course area can either be for a course you actually teach or for a practise area. We recommend that you order your own course area in good time before the course to avoid wasting time on the day.

You can register for the course via the staff training calendar (ALMA).

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Moodle clinic

2nd floor hallway, Biocentre 3 (Viikki), 23rd October 2009 13.00 – 15.00

Instructors: Anni Rytkönen & Stephen Venn

Are you struggling with web-based learning? Do you have questions about using Moodle’s tools? Come and visit the Moodle clinic. Experts from the university’s Educational Center for ICT will be on hand to answer your questions and deal with your problems. You can register for the clinic though you are also welcome to pop in without registering. There is no need to bring your own computer but you can if you wish.

The clinic is primarily intended for teachers who are already familiar with Moodle. For other interested teachers we recommend the basic Moodle courses which are advertized in the training calendar.

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