Who can join our association?

Anyone can join our association. However, the members are divided into two groups: ordinary members and associate members. The board or general meeting admits the new members.

Ordinary member  A person who studies environmental science as one’s main or secondary subject. The ordinary member has a right to

  1. speak and vote at the meetings of the association
  2. speak at the meetings of the board
  3. stand for a position/member of the board/ officials 

Associate member  A person who is interested in environmental science. An associate member has almost the same rights as the ordinary member but you can’t be chosen to the board nor vote at the meetings of the association.


Join as an ordinary member by filling in the form here.  (There are also instructions on how to pay the membership.)

If you want to join as an associate member, please contact the board by email ( and pay the membership fee.

How much does the membership fee cost?

The membership fee is 10 euros and it is a one-time. You don’t need to pay it every year again.

The fee includes:

  • Overalls badge
  • The right to wear our overalls
  • Precedence to our sitzs, the Karkkila weekend, and excursions!
  • Lowered prices for the chargeable events and for our songbook

How are the membership fees used? 

With the membership fees, we organise and guarantee that our members have all kinds of events and activities!