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The Association of Students in Environmental Sciences – MYY is a student association for environmental students established in 1961. We arrange different kinds of events during the whole year such as an excursion every Autumn, pre-Christmas in Karkkila and a Home Wine Competition every Spring. We also function as an interest group for students standing up for our students’ rights in the University and in Working life. For the most part our members study Environmental or Aquatic Sciences, but we also warmly welcome all minors as well.

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International Students and Exchange Students

The student association MYY ry has its own international “assistant” persons called “kv-vastaavat” in Finnish. Kv-vastaavat (and of course all other members of MYY) try to take care of that all events are informed also in English and that International- and Exchange students get integrated and welcomed in Viikki and in Finland in general. We also arrange some international events together with other international officers in Viikki. You can contact any of us due to any reason, never hesitate! We are excited about getting to know you and have you with us in all kinds of events, parties and excursions. All events of MYY are open to everybody! You can join our group in Facebook: Myy ry 

Another Facebook-group which is good to join is Viikki International and also the international students’ mailing lists by sending a mail without a headline to majordomo@helsinki.fi with the text “subscribe foreign-students emailaddress@domain.name”.


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Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have anything to ask!