Programme (En)

NB: Programme includes now information about the places of the sessions and workshops.

Programme  (includes place information)


Tuesday 25.10.2011, University Main Building

9.15               Great Hall
                         Welcome and Opening Plenary
                         Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson
                         Professor Sari Lindblom-Ylänne

10.00            Break

10.15             Sessions and workshops (includes place information)

11.45             Break

12.00           Meet the Expert -lunch (sponsored), Teacher Cafeteria
Lunch (at cost)

13.15             Sessions and workshops (includes place information)

14.45             Coffee Break
During the Coffee Break: Impulses and stimuli from the speaker’s corner
E.g. Johanna Björkroth, Vice-Rector and Johanna Ahola-Launonen,
studentmember of the University Board

15.15              Great Hall
                         The complex relation between teaching and learning
Professor Mien Segers, University of Maastricht

16.15               Rector’s Reception


Wednesday 26.10.2011, University Main Building

9.15                Great Hall
                         Could the external examiner system work in Finland?
                         Professor Howard Jacobs, Institute of Biomedical Technology (FinMIT)

10.00               Break

10.15              Sessions and workshops (includes place information)

11.45               Break

12.00              Meet the Expert -lunch (sponsored), Teacher Cafeteria
Lunch (at cost)

13.15              Sessions and workshops (includes place information)

14.45                Coffee Break
During the Coffee Break: Impulses and stimuli from the speaker’s corner
E.g. Kari Raivio, Chancellor Emeritus and Patrik Scheinin, Dean

15.15               Great Hall
                           Closing Plenary
Vice-Rector Jukka Kola and Professor Sari Lindblom-Ylänne