IBM & Big Data

Orientation project and IBM have been cooperating since 2009. The cooperation has been concentrated around the KidSmart heritage, see The 10-year old tradition of providing Finnish early childhood education kindergartens and preschools KidSmart computers has now come to the end. We are happy to announce that the cooperation continues. IBM cooperation in Finnish early learning  will continue and  the flagship in 2015 will be analytics part of the Orientation 2.0′ project to understand how and why the kids do actually learn – the massive research to be done and data gatherer in four countries and with more than 100000 observations. The plan is that the IBM part of the research  – the analytics –  will be funded by IBM Impact Grant program funded by  CSR / Celia. The discussions to proceed with the project  to secure funding as part of IBM Impact Grant program have started. Descriptions of IBM analytics are introduced here.

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