WP2b Reactions to Populism among the Mainstream Parties

This work package scrutinizes the political and communicational strategies mainstream political parties have applied in responding to the rise and success of populist parties in selected European countries (Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and UK). The focus is on the largest parliamentary parties and their strategic choices, such as (1) attempts to isolate, challenge and condemn populist rhetoric and policies; (2) adopting populists’ successful strategies; and (3) welcoming the populists in coalition governments. The selected countries will allow us to explore the choice and the success of the strategies of traditional political parties as they react to populism. Interviews with the relevant politicians and party personnel (strategists) will form the main research material.

Main researcher:  Contributions: Markku Jokisipilä, Emilia Palonen, Halil Gürhanli.