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SIEPM Conference in Porto Alegre

The whole RiP team is heading to the SIEPM Congress in Porto Alegre (Brazil), entitled HOMO – NATURA – MUNDUS: HUMAN BEINGS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. The SIEPM Congress is the major event for people working on Medieval Philosophy and takes place every 5 years. It is therefore a great opportunity to be there and showcase the project. Our session is on Wednesday July 26th:

Session 20: Building 40, Room 409, 4th Floor.

(Special Session Proposed by José Filipe Silva – ERC Project Rationality in Perception: Transformations of Mind and Cognition 1250–1550)
Title of the Session: One World – Differing Perceptions / Um Mundo – Diferentes Percepções.

Chair: José Filipe Silva.
1. Anselm Oelze: Augustine on the Difference between Human and Nonhuman Sensation.
2. José Filipe Pereira da Silva: Vision and Discrimination: Late Medieval Perspectives.
3. Annemieke Verboon: Cogitative and Estimative Power: The Physiology of Sense Perception in Human Beings and Animals.