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Junior Scholar Workshop


Monday, June 12, 2017
University of Helsinki
Auditorium IV (main building), Fabianinkatu 33



9.30-10.00     Registration & Welcome

MORNING SESSION (Chair: ANSELM OELZE, University of Helsinki)

10.00-11.00    MATTHIEU MOULLEC (Sorbonne, Paris): “Learning Outside the World. Assimilation of Knowledge in Plotinus’ Work”

11.00-12.00     DAVLAT DADIKHUDA (LMU, Munich): “Avicenna Keeping it Real. Sense Perception in The Healing; al-Nafs II.2”

12.00-13.30     LUNCH


13.30-14.30     PALOMA HERNÁNDEZ RUBIO (UAM, Mexico City): “De re praedicatur.

Intentiones and forma totius according to Albertus Magnus”

14.30-15.30     PETER WEST (Trinity College, Dublin): “Berkeley’s Anti-Abstractionism

As a Grounds for the Likeness Principle”

15.30-16.00     COFFEE

KEYNOTE LECTURE (Chair: JOSÉ FILIPE SILVA, University of Helsinki)

16.00-17.00    PAOLO RUBINI (University of Helsinki): “Accidental Perception and Cogitative Power in Thomas Aquinas and John of Jandun”

19.00   DINNER

The workshop is organised and funded by the European Research Council project Rationality in Perception: Transformations of Mind and Cognition 1250-1550. It is part of the Nordic Network for the History of Philosophy workshop series.



Knowledge as Assimilation, 9-11 June 2017, Helsinki

Organised in Cooperation with the project Representation and Reality. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Aristotelian Tradition

Associated Events: 

Helsinki History of Philosophy Research Seminar (

Reading Group on Perception: (please contact the team members to join)

Nordic Network History of Philosophy (


Team Meetings: 

September 12 (10-15)

October 12 (10-12)

November 15 (10-15)


Participation of team members: 


# Meeting of the Philosophical Society of Finland, Helsinki, April 2015: On Perceiving

# Research Seminar, Tours, May 2015: How Modular are Medieval Theories of Mind: An Augustinian Perspective

# Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year of the University of Helsinki, August 2015: The Future is Amorphous but can it be fair?

# Theoretical Philosophy Research Seminar, Helsinki, September 2015: What is the matter with the species?

# Conference Anima e corpo nella filosofia medievale, Catania, October 2015: Vitality: Perception and the soul-body relation in medieval dualism

# Meeting of the Glossa Society, Helsinki, October 2015: What do I know? Some medieval strategies on knowledge

# Research Seminar, Turku, November 2015: An alternative dualist account of perception

# History of Philosophy Research Seminar, Centre of Philosophy, University of Lisbon: Assimilação e dualism na experiência perceptiva

# NY/NJ Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy, New York, February 2016: Objects as Occasions: Medieval Perspectives for Early Modern Suggestions

# Moody Workshop in Medieval Philosophy, UCLA, February 2016: Metaphysics of Sense Perception in the Conimbricensis de Anima

# Two lectures at the University of Lecce, May 2016

# Conference The Internal Senses in the Aristotelian Tradition, Gothenburg, June 2016

# Summer School Intention and Intention, University of Würzburg, July 2016



# PI:

Augustinianism-Averroisant’ and the activity in perception

Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy Ostrava (Czech Republic), 6th–7th October 2016


Medieval Augustinian Desire

Reason and Desire in Ancient and Medieval Thought

WORKSHOP IN UPPSALA: Nordic Network for the History of Philosophy and the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University

Thurday, September 29, 2016


# Anselm:

conference title: 40. Kölner Mediaevistentagung
date: 13.-16.9. (entire conference); 14.9.
place: Köln (Cologne)
title of paper: “Können Tiere irren?” (“Can Animals Err?”)

# Annemieke:

conference title: Bücher und Identitäten. Literarische Reproduktionskulturen der Vormoderne

date: 14 – 17 Sept. 2016

place: Fribourg (Switzerland)

title of paper: Student books: late 15th century compilations produced at the Leipzig University

# Paolo:

Conference title: Theatrum naturae et artium Leibniz und die Schauplätze der Aufklärung
Internationale Konferenz

Organisers: Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig and Universität Leipzig

Place and date: Leipzig, 28–30 September 2016

Title of paper: De detrimento motus Leibniz über das Phänomen der Reibung

Conference title: Guericke-Tage 2016

Organiser: Otto-von-Guericke-Gesellschaft Magdeburg

Place and date: Magdeburg (Germany), 19 November 2016

Title of the paper: Leibniz und die “Experimenta nova” Überlieferung und Erschließung seiner Exzerpte