Food education as multiprofessional collaboration in schools, homes and organisations, Webinar 10.2.2021.

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Children’s right to food education – tools for a more sustainable future Friday 20.11.2020 

The seminar was held on 20th November 2020. Thanks to all the attendees!


Food education in a changing environment: future challenges (in English) Prof. Johanna Mäkelä, Finland

Children’s food education in Sweden (in English) The Chair of Sapere International Stina Algotson, Sweden

The Food education in Estonia (in Finnish) Nutritionist Kylli Holsting, Estonia

Short introductions of new food education tools (in Finnish)

Mole’s Veggie Adventure -mobile app

WeValueFood -food education tools across Europe

Educational escape rooms games

See & Eat -e-picture books for toddlers

Tasty School and FoodRadar

The smart family

Food education workshops (in English)

Workshop 2 Encouraging children to enjoy more veggies, fruits and berries – together towards 5-handfuls a day!

Workshop 4 Food education for children and families with immigrant backagrounds – where we are and where we want to be?