Finnish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Space

Academy of Finland has selected 12 new Centres of Excellence. One of these, the Finnish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Space, is led by professor Minna Palmroth from the UH Space Physics team. The centre aims at  sustainable utilisation of space by focusing on understanding the near-Earth radiation environment and solving the space debris problem with innovative new technologies. Minna is in charge of the modelling team and associate professor Emilia Kilpua, also from the UH Space Physics team, leads the Observations team. The project partners are University of Turku (proferssor Rami Vainio, instrument development), Aalto University (assistant professor Jaan Praks, building satellites and radiation protection) and Finnish Meteorological Institude (research manager Pekka Janhunen, plasma brake and electric sail technologies)

Read more details from the UH press release

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