Posters & Abstract Book

The ULLA Summer School 2019 Abstract Book is available here!
Type the password provided to you via e-mail to open the file.

Poster Sessions
You can find the number of your poster on the back of your name tag.

Poster Session I (P001-P088) – July 2 (13:00-13:45)
You must set up your poster on Tuesday morning, before starting the courses, and collect it on Wednesday evening, after the courses.

Poster Session II (P089-P176) – July 4 (13:00-13:45)
You must set up your poster on Thursday morning, before starting the courses, and collect it on Friday, by the lunch break.

Material to hang up your poster will be provided by the organizing committee.
All posters must be removed in time and may not be left in the display area. Leftover materials will be discarded.



Poster Guidelines

Size: A0 (84 x 120 cm) – Portrait orientation


    • The title section of your poster must contain a title, author(s) and affiliation(s).
    • All printing should be large and bold enough to be read from 1 m away. Titles should be readable from 6 m away. Use a clear and sufficiently large font size.
    • Arrange material in a sensible fashion.
    • Consider the use of different colors for emphasis.
    • Avoid cluttering and unnecessary words.

Evaluation Criteria:

    • The poster session will consist of a pitch presentation (2 min) followed by questions (1 min).
    • Presentations are done in groups of 5-6 students + 1 evaluator.
    • You must find your group based on the code (e.g. 1A) in the upper right corner of your name tag.
    • Poster awards will recognize 3 students: Best Poster Award, Best Pitch, and Best Poster Display, according to the following criteria:
      1. Pitch delivery: professionalism and engagement; clarity; answering questions effectively;
      2. Poster display: overall appeal (eye-catching); highlighting of major concepts and findings; figures convey results effectively;
      3. Research: novelty; quality; impact.