Educational technology drop-in office hours every Tuesday

OTE-päivystystä Viikissä

Viikin verkkopedagogit päivystävät Infokeskus Koronan huoneessa 345 tiistaisin klo 13-15 syyslukukauden ajan (4.9. – 18.12.). Paikalla Viikin opetusteknologiaväkeä vastaamassa opettajien kysymyksiin. Ei ajanvarausta – tervetuloa! Muina aikoina olemme paikalla satunnaisemmin ja sopimuksen mukaan (opetusteknologia (at)

Educational technology drop-in office hours in Viikki

The Viikki elearning specialists will be offering drop-in office hours every Tuesday from 1 PM to 3 PM at Infocenter Korona 3rd floor, room 345. This means that you may stop by anytime during that time with your questions about Moodle, Flinga, ABC-workshop, etc. – or any other online pedagogy questions – and one of our staff members will be there to help out. No prior reservations needed – Welcome!  At other times, we are available at the Viikki office more irregularly, and of course we can always be contacted via edutech (at) to arrange a time for an individual consultation or group trainings.