About the blog

Picture: Lotus flower, Yoshikazu Takada, licensed CC BY 2.0

Welcome to Asian Studies blog!
This blog is written by Asian Studies people (language and cultures) at the University of Helsinki (UH). In this blog UH teachers, students, researchers, and alumni write on Asia. Themes of blog entries are related Asian research, teaching, studying and sources in Asian Studies.

If you are interested in writing a short article on Asia, do read the Instructions for blog entries see below. In the Events-category we will publish information on current Asia-related events. In all contacts use email:  aasia-blogi(at)helsinki.fi

Responsible editors of the blog are: Tiina Airaksinen, Anna-Leena Korpijärvi, Riikka Länsisalmi and Mariliina Räsänen.

Asian Studies -blog entries always represent the author’s perspectives, and not particularly those in Asian Studies or at the University of Helsinki.

Instructions for blog entries:
Length of blog entry should not be more than 600 words. You can write in Finnish, Swedish or in English. Do send your texts as docx. or doc. document (not as PDF). Text will be always published with author’s own name. Send your text as an email attachment to:

In a blog post, you can take a stand on a topic, share your research, or present and comment on useful materials and how to use them. In the text, you can also consider applying the research to a topical issue or present views for and/or against it. It is acceptable to bring out your own experience and personality in a blog text, but in an academic blog the focus is on research or its application. If you use research literature to support your writing, be sure to add references at the end of the text. Also, add a few keywords at the end so that we can categorise your text.