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The AGORA centre unites and develops various research fields and excellent research networks with top universities and researchers. At the AGORA, educational politics and practices that construct inequalities, marginalisation and otherness are explored through several interlinked studies, contextualised in national and global politics and policies.

Politics of education, social change and globalisation are themes that unite the work at the AGORA. Bringing these themes together with perspectives of societal mechanisms of inequalities and social exclusion provides a ground-breaking opening for the AGORA.

We resist writing about social justice and equality as issues that can be synthesised into a singular picture that will tell the whole truth about them. Rather, being able to speak and write about social justice and equality as diverse areas will hopefully encourage asking more critical questions.

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Cross-sectional politics and educational practices in the era of marketization (CRISP)

Learning in a multicultural society (LOMS)

Diversification and inequalities in Nordic higher education (DIVIDE)

Feminist perspectives on educational cultures and learner subjectivities (FEMCU)

Learning and Identity of Multilingual Children in and out of School (FLIS)

Kupoli Research Unit

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Research Network for Critical Criminology

Disability Studies in Education Network