Please note that this website is no longer updated. You can find all the latest information about AGORA and our activities on our new website https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/agora-for-the-study-of-social-justice-and-equality-in-education

The AGORA Centre holds national and international courses, workshops and research seminars closely connected with social justice and equality perspectives. These events are inclusive so that they create a unique, supportive environment for MA’s, PhD’s and post-doctoral researchers as well as university lecturers and professors.

The courses and other teaching that AGORA provides are useful especially to doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in terms of building their independent research careers. Along with research support, they provide a site for future funding plans, development of teaching and collaborative writing.

The AGORA Centre provides teaching in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Studies related to social justice and equality in education

Bringing Critical Thinking Into Life in The Academia -workshop