Dialogue Laboratory: research and experimenting in decision-making

A year ago, ten experts from different fields participated in training of dialogue skills at the Aretai Dialogue Academy. After the 4-month-long training, we felt we were on to something and decided to keep meeting and sparring one another in using dialogue as a tool in our work lives.

Eventually, we decided we wanted to do more. The idea of “Dialogue Laboratory” was born.

Dialogue Laboratory is a way for us to continue learning the principles of dialogue while, at the same time, offering a time, place, and facilitation for visiting experts to discuss important phenomena. We organise these events every few months, and the theme for the first one was “Research and experimenting in decision-making”. Our first guests were Elina Nikkola from the Knowledge and Research Unit at the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture and Virve Hokkanen from the Experimenting Finland project at the Prime Minister’s Office.

You can read the whole story (in Finnish) here!