Handouts and Slides

Thanks to everyone who participated in the conference!

Many of the handouts, posters and slides from keynote speakers, general sessions, poster sessions and workshops can be downloaded from this page.


Larry M. Hyman (University of California, Berkeley)
Do we need underlying representations in Bantu?

Yukiko Morimoto (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Verb doubling vs. the conjoint/disjoint alternation

Steve Nicolle (CanIL, Trinity Western University)
A linguistic cycle for quotatives in eastern Bantu languages

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GENERAL SESSIONS (organised approximately alphabetically by author)

HALS 2016 Team (Stephan Schulz)
Report: Group Field Research Trip to South Africa, May 2016

Roger Blench
New research on Tivoid and its place within Bantoid

Vicki Carstens, Loyiso Mletshe & Jochen Zeller
Adverbial kuphela (‘only’) in Xhosa and Zulu

Thera Crane & Axel Fleisch
Event type lexicalization across language boundaries: verbs in South African Ndebele Varieties

Denis Creissels & Rozenn Guérois
Cuwabo relativization: accessibility hierarchy and  the typology of Bantu inversion constructions

Helen Eaton
Event line structure in Vwanji narratives (handout)
Event line structure in Vwanji narratives (slides)

Hazel Gray
Prefixing a prefix: a study of nominal pre-prefixation in Kisi and Manda (handout)
Prefixing a prefix: a study of nominal pre-prefixation in Kisi and Manda (slides)

Hilde Gunnink
The fronted-infinitive construction in Fwe (K402)

Riikka Halme-Berneking
Umbundu unique items in the translation of narrative texts

Hermann Keupdjio & Martina Wiltschko
All about the speaker: the syntax of biased questions in Bamileke Medumba

Heidrun Kröger
TA in Mozambican Ngoni – inflections beyond time

Brunelle Magnana Ekoukou
L’expression du temps en ikota, langue bantu(B25) du Gabon

Kathleen O’Connor & Cédric Patin
Asymmetries in hiatus resolution across morpheme boundaries in Shingazidja

Holly Robinson & Lotta Aunio
Ikuzu nominal tones

Galen Sibanda
Using the applicative to organize Ndebele verb semantic classes

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Maya Abe
Counterfactual conditional sentences in Mbugu

Eva-Marie Bloom Ström & Nozibele Nomdebevana
Corpus of spoken Xhosa

Jeroen Breteler
When tone meets foot (and licensing constraints, and Harmonic Serialism) 

Rose-Marie Déchaine & Hermann Keupdjio
Number in Bamileke Medumba

Makoto Furumoto
On the final vowel in Kikae (paper)

Kasombo Tshibanda Michaël
Structure segmentale du radical verbal et comportement tonal in ruwund (L53)

Hermann Keupdjio
On A-bar agreement in Bamileke Medumba

Kumiko Miyazaki
Animacy hierarchy in double object constructions in Lunyole

Malin Petzell & Lotta Aunio
Curious bits about Kami (G36)

Johnny Walker & Lotta Aunio
Simbiti (JE431) melodic tones

Alexander Zheltov
The comparative analysis of morphemic and submorphemic neutralizations in Bantu pronominal paradigms

Gerrit de Wit
Grammaticalization of time adverbials in Liko (D201)

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Workshop 1: Approaches to morpho-syntactic micro-variation in Bantu

Yuko Abe
Toward microvariation parameters of persistive in Lake Tanganyika Bantu

Eva-Marie Bloom Ström
Morpho-syntactic variation in a Xhosa microvariation project: what can a discourse-centered approach offer? (handout)
Morpho-syntactic variation in a Xhosa microvariation project: what can a discourse-centered approach offer? (slides)

Malin Petzell
Developing parameters for mapping morphophonological and morphosyntactic variation

Nobuko Yoneda
Forms and functions of noun-modifying classes in Bantu languages


Workshop 2: The expression of mood and modality in Bantu languages (MoMod)

Rasmus Bernander
On the modal verb -hoto(l)- in Manda (N11)

Nadine Grimm
Expression of mood and modality in Gyeli

Ferdinand Mberamihigo
Modal devices in Kirundi: A corpus-driven approach (pdf; PowerPoint version here)

Stefan Savic
Tense, Aspect and Modality in isiXhosa (pdf; PowerPoint version here)


Workshop 3: Bantu historical linguistics

Rhiannon Stephens
Diachronic semantics and the concept “poverty” in Eastern Uganda 

Workshop 4: Bantu objects and object marking (BOOM!)

Justine Sikuku
The object marking domain and the classification of Bantu languages (pdf; PowerPoint version here)

Tomohiro Yokoyama
Structure and features: the ordering of object markers in Kinyarwanda

Jenneke van der Wal
Flexibility in symmetry: an implicational relation in Bantu double object constructions


Workshop 5: Verbal derivation and verb extensions in Bantu

Sebastian Dom, Leonid Kulikov & Koen Bostoen
Middle voice in Bantu (handout)
Middle voice in Bantu (slides)

Heidrun Kröger
Verbal plurality – not so common extensions in Mozambican Ngoni


Workshop 6: Melodic tones in Bantu languages

Lee Bickmore
Melodic tones in Bantu nouns

Maud Devos & Salamo Calawia
Mwani melodic tones

Hilde Gunnink
Melodic tone in Fwe (K402)

Gérard Philippson
Melodic tones and inflectional morphemes in Central Kenyan Languages (E50)

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