Fall 2013 program

3.–4. October conference on “Militarizing the Civil Society – Civilizing the Military Society”. See detailed program from conference website.

Monday 14.10 Mila Oiva gives a talk about “Markkinointi ja mainonta Puolan ulkomaankaupassa 1956–1982″. Event takes place in Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 2-4 PM.

Monday 28.10 Elena Kochetkova talks about Finnish technology in Soviet forest industry in 1950s and 60s. ”Tietoja rajan yli: Suomen teknologia Neuvostoliiton metsäteollisuudessa 1950–1960-luvuilla.” Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 12-14.

Monday 11.11 the head director of Elinkeinoelämän keskusarkisto (ELKA) Jarmo Luoma-aho  talks about newest archive collections at ELKA. Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 12-14.

Monday 25.11 Mats Fridlund, newly appointed professor of history of industrialization in the Aalto University gives a talk  “How we learned to live with the bombs: Histories of forgotten fears and the business of terrormindedness. Topelia A in a meeting room A219 (Scriptorium) at 12-14.

No pre-registration, all welcome!

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